Types of Fields in AIM

Within AIM there are several types of fields that you may encounter on records.  Each type of field has unique characteristics and types of data that it can handle.  

Below is a description of common field types you may interact with:

  • Text Fields:  Allows users to enter any combination of letters, numbers, or symbols. You can set a maximum length, up to 255 characters.  While there do exist types of fields that can accommodate more characters and formatted text, we lose the ability to easily report on the entire contents of those fields.
  • Picklists:  Allows users to select a single value from a pre-defined list that appears as a drop down menu.   You can set up dependencies between multiple picklists to restrict values based on other selected values.  There are also multi-select picklists which allow users to select multiple values, but these cannot have dependencies.  The selected values are displayed on the page as a semicolon-separated list.
  • Currency: Allows users to enter a number amount up to 18 numerical digits (to the left and right of the decimal point) and AIM will automatically format the field as a currency amount.  AIM also offers shortcuts for entering large numbers into currency fields.  In the case, if you are adding a currency amount in the thousands, millions or billions - you can use K, M or B at the end of the number to automatically append the appropriate number of zeros to your figure.  For example, entering 3.5M into a currency field would result in a displayed value of ‘$3,500,000’.
  • Date Fields:  Allows users to enter or select a date from a popup calendar. In reports, you can limit the date range of report results using any custom date field.
  • Phone Numbers: Allows users to enter any phone number, up to 40 characters.  AIM will automatically format the entry as a phone number.
  • Lookups: Creates a relationship between two records in order to associate them with each other. On a standard or custom object, a lookup relationship appears as a field with a magnifying glass icon next to it.  Clicking on the magnifying glass allows a user to select another record from a popup window. Then, on the parent record, you can display a related list to show all of the records that are linked to it.
  • Formula:  This type of field is automatically calculated based on a stored formula.  Formulas can involve nearly any type of field in the system.  These fields are not available for editing by users and will display a padlock icon when hovered over on the page layout.  However, once created, the formula may be updated by an AIM administrator.

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