How to Compose an Email with Altvia Correspond - Market Edition

Choose an Email Template

  1. Under the Customize Email header, you can choose an Email template. There are standard templates available, as well as any templates you have saved in the past or created in the templates section. Click your preferred template.


 Available Merge Fields

  1. When you begin constructing your email in the template editor, you will have the option to include recipient names in the email text so that your emails are personalized. These names are incorporated or “merged” into the email text with the use of merge field tags.
  2. The template selection screen has an option to display available merge fields. Click on ‘What merge fields can I use?’ to see the fields available for you to insert into your email.

    NOTE:  The below screenshot shows the available merge fields are as follows:

    {Name} (For Full Name and Last Name)
    {First_Name} (For First Name Only)

    {Last_Name} (For Last Name Only)

    Using {Name} in the email would look like: Dear {Name}, which would be delivered to the user as “Dear John Smith”


Email Composing and Editing

  1. Once you select your template (either Starter or Saved), you are taken to the Email editor where you will compose your email.

    NOTE: Make sure that all elements within your email are relative to your firm and remove any elements that you do not wish to include in your email (such as social network links).
  2. Once done composing your email, select ‘Save’ in the top right hand corner. You can now preview your mailing.

  3. If you wish to edit your email template click ‘Edit Template’.

  4. If you are comfortable with your mailing, proceed to the attachments stage by selecting “Save & Next” located at the bottom of the page below the email preview.


Attaching Files

  1. Once on the attachments screen, click “Choose File” if you wish to attach a document.

    NOTE: If you do not want to attach a file, click ‘Save & Next’ without choosing a file.

  2. Once a file is attached, you have the option to post to ShareSecure by checking the “Deliver to ShareSecure” Box.
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