How to Edit Picklist Values


The dropdown or pulldown menus within Salesforce are referred to as picklists within the system.  Certain custom fields (e.g. "Deal Team" or " Primary Coverage") may have values that evolve over time and require regular maintenance.

To adjust a picklist value, first navigate to the desired object's field using the Setup menu.  

For Accounts and Contacts, this is done by navigating to Build > Customize > Accounts > Fields, or Build > Customize > Contacts > Fields.

For custom objects, this is done by navigate to Create > Objects, then clicking on the name of the object.
In the example below, we modify the picklist values on the Industry field at the Account level.



  1. In AIM, navigate to Setup > Customize > Accounts > Fields.

  2. Select the name of the field that your picklist lives on. In this case 'Industry'.

  3. Scroll down to the Picklist Value Set and select one of the operations below:
    • 'New': add net new values
    • 'Reorder': change the order of appearance in list
    • 'Replace': swap out one picklist value for another one

  4. In this example, we are adding a new value. Therefore, select 'New' and type in a new industry called Information Technology.  Check the record types that this option should appear on.  

    NOTE: The default will be that all record types are unchecked, but in order to see the option appear in the dropdown menu, we need to check the appropriate record types.  In the majority of cases, we will check 'all' record types, unless the new picklist option should not appear on one particular Account page.  In the example below, we want "Information Technology" to appear as an Industry option for each type of account that we have.

  5. Click 'Save'.  The picklist values list will reappear, with the new option included at the end of the list.  Click 'Reorder'.

  6. On the next screen, we have the option to manually reorder values as we choose, as well as to set a default value.  Additionally, we may check the box that says "Sort values alphabetically".  In this case, check the box that says "Sort values alphabetically" and click 'Save'.

  7.  The "Information Technology" option will now appear alphabetized within the picklist options.

  8. If you would like to swap out one picklist value for another, click the 'Replace' button, type out the value to be replaced, and select the value that it should be once replaced.  Clicking 'Replace' will trigger a job to execute within the system.
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