How to change the 'From' Email Address in Investor Correspondence

Last Updated: Feb 25, 2017 06:27AM MST


When sending any type of Investor Correspondence, you have the ability to choose what email address the message is sent from.  This allows you to make your emails more personal and avoid spam filters.  


Authenticating an Email Address

Before you can use an email address to send correspondence, you must authenticate the email with Altvia Support.  Please reach out to our support team to request an activation email.  A message from Postmark will arrive at the specified email with an authentication link.  Once confirmed, the email will be activated for Investor Correspondence.  

Once the email address is registered, it can be used at any time moving forward (you will not have to re-authenticate each time you switch email addresses).



The ‘From’ email address for Investor Correspondence is housed in the AIM Investor Custom Settings menu - the following steps will guide you there and direct you to the specific field you need to change.

  1. In AIM, navigate to Setup > Build > Develop > Custom Settings.

  2. In the list of Custom Settings, find ‘AIM Investor Settings’ and click ‘Manage’ to the left of the title.

  3. On the next screen, click edit next to the AIM Investor Settings.

  4. Once you’ve clicked ‘Edit’, you’ll be taking into the settings and have the ability to change information as necessary.  Look for the ‘Investor Correspondence From Email’ field and enter the email you’d like to send the Investor Correspondence from.  The email must have been verified via the email link from Postmark.

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