How to Add a New Type of Investor Correspondence


Investor Correspondence comes pre-loaded with a few common types of correspondence prevalent in the private equity industry, but as the use of the tool grows, it is common for additional options to be added according to your company's needs. There are multiple components involved with the Investor Correspondence functionality in AIM.  The following steps will outline the process of adding a new type of Investor Correspondence to your system.



  1. In AIM, navigate to Setup > Build > Create > Objects.  This will display a full list of the custom objects within the AIM product.

  2. Click on the object name, 'Investor Correspondence Batch'.

  3. ​Once you’re in the Investor Correspondence Batch object, either use the quick hover links at the top of the page or scroll down to the ‘Record Types’ section. This list will match the available options for Investor Correspondence Type. To add a new type, click the ‘New’ button.

  4. When creating the new Investor Correspondence Type there are a few key elements to be aware of.
    • A.​​ First, you will need to select an Existing Record Type that the new type will mirror. As outlined at the top of the New Record Type screen, the new record type will include all the picklist values from the existing record type that is selected. Once you’ve saved the new record type, you can go back and customize picklist values or create an entirely new page layout that can contain fields you’d like merged into the documents that are generated.
    • B. In order to have the new type display, the record type MUST be marked ‘Active’.
    • C. To ensure all users can see the new type, you must enable the new record type for all active user profiles.  To be sure you’ve enabled it for everyone, select to enable it for all profiles.  Having it available for inactive profiles will not cause any problems.

  5. After this screen, you’ll need to assign a page layout to the record type in order to be able to save it. The General Correspondence layout is a good generic placeholder. As mentioned before, you can go back after saving and create an entirely new page layout if desired.

  6.  After saving the new record type, check to see that it is available in both the Investor Correspondence Batch Type list, and the Correspondence Preferences on Investor Contacts.

    Investor Correspondence Batch Type list:

    Investor Contact Correspondence Preferences:
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